Founding Partners

Our Senior Management Team averages over 30 years of real estate experience per person. Thus, we value management personnel who have lived through real estate cycles and have been successful in good and challenging times. We value management experiences in being able to spot opportunities and to react quickly to those opportunities.

We value our local, national and international relationships that have been developed in the company’s 20 plus years of doing business. We continue to strengthen our network of professional relationships as the real estate market continues to strengthen.

Most importantly we value our clients. When it comes to our clients’ investment needs, it’s safety of their investment first, and then, financial returns.

Who We Are


Why Us

我們的高級主管小組的每名隊員有30正年單個經驗。 我們獲取了和管理六十億美元美國房地產完全成功30個狀態。

Investment Strategy

安全性. 我們在市值之下採購屬性。 這提供我們誤差幅度。
增長. 我們升級或擴展屬性添加值到資本我們的投資者的和增加現金流量。

Los Angeles


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